LIFX Outdoor Range

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LIFX Outdoor Lights are not your ordinary low voltage lights. The LIFX Spot, Path and Neon Flex are SuperBright, Polychrome color morphing, lighting installations that will transform your garden.

In order to support such state of the art technology, you're going to need a few things to setup:

  1. Wi-Fi coverage that can reach where you want to place your furthest light. You can test your routers Wi-Fi range with your mobile phone as a guide.
  2. A 300W transformer or better, with a 15V output terminal. These lights are SuperBright, so check your transformer can support the number of lights. Review the calculations below under Transformer Requirements.
  3. 12 gauge outdoor wiring. The better quality your wiring is, the longer distance you can run your lights. 14 and 16 gauge wiring can be used but will limit the distance you can place your lights.

Distance Calculator

1. Select the number of LIFX outdoor lights you wish to install.

LIFX Path Lights: 0
LIFX Spot Lights: 0
LIFX Neon Flex Outdoor: 0

2. Select the voltage output terminal your transformer has for an accurate calulation.

3. Based on your selections, you can install your lights up to a maximum distance from your transformer on a single wire.

12 Gauge Wire:

14 Gauge Wire:

16 Gauge Wire:

* Calculations based on a 300W Transformer with voltage output terminal as selected in step 2. For more complex installation and calculations, please seek advise from a landscaping professional.

Electrical Calculation

Total Current: Calculating...

Terminal Voltage: Calculating...

Transformer Requirements

Total Wattage Required:

Based on the number of lights selected, we recommend the use of a 300W Transformer with a 15V Output Terminal.

All calculations on this page are based on 300W Transfomer. As per manufacturer instructions, it is recommended not to exceed 80% of the advertised wattage, in order to allow for wattage loss across the wiring.

Recommended transformers available at The Home Depot: