App Release 4.12.0

Public release date:
17th of November 2022 


This release focussed on usability improvements with a more helpful set-up experience for iOS, but we managed to sneak a little delight in the mix too for everyone with new surprise Holiday modes. We’ve also been fixing bugs and ironing out the kinks in the background, but that’s to be expected in any release.

Guided setup

We spent some time adding more helpful detail into our ‘Getting Started’ screens, as well as built in some timely prompts to guide you when we can see common issues, like when your phone doesn’t have the right permissions to allow us to add your products.


Holiday surprises

Not everything is about what’s practical, sometimes we need a little fun! This release had our first holiday surprise, with US users getting a special one-click ‘Turkey mode’ on their dash over Thanksgiving. We’ll be rolling out more of these limited time experiences over the year to keep your LIFX experience fresh.


This update we cleaned up some ways the navigation behaves ahead of our work to review... dun DUN DUUUUN—Menus. You’ve all been talking about it, now we’re ready to tackle the challenge. We’re just getting started, but we needed to do a little ground work. Want to review our upcoming prototypes? Sign up here.

We launched a new graphic system for Themes to help better communicate them at a glance with a purpose as well as their color. Now you’ll find ‘special use’ themes tagged in black, and everyday mood-based themes in white. We’re building on the library with new things monthly; some of the latest include end of year holiday themes, team colors for the World Cup and more useful everyday light palettes, like ‘Evening’.