Classic design, modern tech

Pre-sales are now available for the LIFX Filament Amber. With both custom design and smart lighting capabilities, it’s where form meets function in one radiant bulb.

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Meet LIFX Clean

Light that's safe for you, but not for bacteria. Available for pre-order soon.

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LIFX offer the most elegant range of smart low energy LED bulbs.

The most customisable bulb on the face of the Earth, and its set-up is as simple as can be.

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No commitment, no hassle and no payment required until your item is ready to ship. Shop to secure your purchase now.

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Working from home?

Set up Schedules to help keep a routine throughout the day, or connect your lights to apps and receive light notifications when a meeting is coming up, when the weather changes, and more.

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Level up your set-up

Reach next level immersion with stunning Smart Lighting accessories for your battlestation.

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