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Press kit and enquiries

About LIFX

LIFX pioneered the smart light in 2012 with the first Wi-Fi-enabled, multi-colored LED that’s controllable via a smart device. Designed to last over 22 years, LIFX offers the brightest, most flexible smart light for your home or office.

It works with Nest and other smart home devices to give consumers an easy way to experience the connected home, without needing additional hardware.

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, Redwood City, California, LIFX is a global brand with roots in Melbourne, Australia. LIFX products are available online and at select retailers in the US, Australia, and Europe.

Press enquiries




Our logo is either purple, white or black. The LIFX logo is never shown in other colors.

Do not combine the icon and logotype in any other way. If logotype is used, it must always appear to the right of the icon with the dimensions and spacing shown below.

Download logos and icons 



When using the LIFX logo with other logos and graphic elements, maintain a safety space that equals the distance of the bottom section of the L around the logo.


The LIFX name and logo should be used in accordance with the visual guidelines above. The LIFX name should always be capitalized [LIFX, never Lifx or lifx], except when in context of a web or email address [ or, never]. Do not alter or modify the marks in any way, including suggesting endorsement by LIFX, or in a way that confuses LIFX with another brand. Use the official and unmodified icons and logos to represent LIFX.



Media assets

We've put together a collection of media ranging from using the LIFX app, experiencing lighting in various locations and the box, bulb and product mockups. If you have any questions on the usage, or need something specific, get in touch with us. 

Download media assets




The primary palette of LIFX is Purple, with secondary colors of Grey, Yellow and Black. 


HEX: #440099
Pantone: Violet C
CMYK: 100/94/0/0


Pantone: Cool Gray 4 C
CMYK: 0/0/0/33


Pantone: 134C
CMYK: 0/16/61/0


HEX: #222222
Pantone: Black 3 C
CMYK: 0/0/0/95




For Print

Gotham [Light, Book and Medium] 

For Digital

Muli [Google Web Font - Font Weight: 300]

Backup Fonts

Whenever those fonts aren't available, we recommend Century Gothic or Arial