In the box.

  • LED path light (Round or Square)
  • Low voltage clamp connector
  • Attachable ground spike for installation into earth
  • Alternative base mount and screws for installation on solid surfaces

Installation Options

Ground Spike

Use this to put the Path light in garden beds and other in-ground locations.

Slot the wire on the Path light into the spike. Let the wire hang loose.

Attach to the light
Screw the spike into the Path light base until it's securely attached.

Next, put it in position
Find the desired location and plant the light with attached mounting stake by firmly pressing it into the soil.

A little tough?
Wet the soil or dig a little to soften it up. Ensure the entire stake is in the ground, with the Path light sitting on the surface.

Surface Mount

Use this to affix the Path light to surfaces.

Pick the best place to mount your light and thread the cable through the big hole in the middle of the mount.

Attach the mount
If you're attaching the mount to wood or softer surfaces, simply install it with the provided screws.

Affix the light
Gently feed the cable through as you lower the Path light onto the attached mount. Line up the notches and put it onto the mount. Twist the light carefully to lock in place.

Low Voltage Clamps

Time to hook this baby up! Clamp the provided cable to your low voltage system wire, as you would any other accessory lighting product for your setup.

Low Voltage Checklist:

  • Wi-Fi coverage that can reach where you want to place your furthest light. You can test your routers Wi-Fi range with your mobile phone as a guide.
  • A 300W transformer or better, with a 15V output terminal. These lights are SuperBright, so check your transformer can support the number of lights. Review the calculations below under Transformer Requirements.
  • 12 gauge outdoor wiring. The better quality your wiring is, the longer distance you can run your lights. 14 and 16 gauge wiring can be used but will limit the distance you can place your lights.
Low Voltage Calculator

Matter Easy Setup

Where's my Matter Setup Code?

You can find your Matter QR code in the back of your product manual. The manual is included in your small kit box, with the attachment accessories, power plug and controller.

Lost your user manual? Don't worry, you can also find the QR Code and 11-digit Matter code printed on the bottom of your Path Light. You can type this code in manually during setup if difficult to access.

Connect to the LIFX App

iOS Set-Up