Smart Downlight




LIFX Downlight Color is an energy efficient lighting fixture that features millions and millions of vivid colors as well as dimmable warm to cool whites to meet your needs from dawn to dusk. The LIFX Downlight Color produces a staggering 800 lumens from just 9 watts, delivers advanced WiFi enabled control, and creates a modern flush-to-ceiling finish with its retrofit fixtures for a sophisticated home.



Lumens 800
Wattage Use
9.0W at full brightness
Wattage on Standby 0.2W
Voltage Range AC 120V / 60 Hz
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 90
Color Temperature
1500K to 9000K
Dimming Software dimming 1% -100%
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
Security WPA, WPA2
Dimensions 7.45 in x 4.5 in x 2.5 in

User Manual

Set-Up Guides

Adaptable shades, from day to night.

Lighting doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. Say goodbye to harsh, unchangeable overhead lighting. Instead, use bright white to invigorate your days. Then dim down to 40% brightness of warm amber for a gentle wind down at night.

Retrofitted for a sleek, modern finish.

Skip the hardwiring and upgrade to a sophisticated aesthetic all on your own with an included E26 socket adapter. Designed to easily convert a 5” or 6” can light, and provide a flush plate-to-ceiling finish, our Downlight Color creates smooth, even lighting for a modern touch.

Millions of colors to suit any mood.

Instantly change the mood in your room with a massive range of color options. Light up your space with gentle pinks for calm while you do yoga, vivid purples and greens for parties, or your favortie team’s colors for game night.

Brighter lumens & CRI for more vivid living.

With an impressive 800 lumen count, the Downlight Color is unbeatable when it comes to illuminating your entire space. And with 90 CRI, your furniture, decor, and personal items will appear more vivid than they would under incandescent or natural sunlight.

“Hey Siri, set my lights to ‘chill out’.”

With just a simple phrase, LIFX Downlight Color can activate Schedules for timed events, Effects for animated light, and Scenes that adjust each light to it’s perfect shade, color, or brightness. Simply use your voice to dim all of the right lights at once for the perfect movie night.

Perfectly paired with LIFX Smart Switch.

Control the illumination of your entire space by pairing LIFX Downlight Color with LIFX Smart Switch. Use each button on the Switch to trigger the perfect Scene, dim your Downlights, and of course turn everything off and on whilst always remaining in standby for nonstop voice control.

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