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LIFX + A19
LIFX + A19 LIFX + A19 LIFX + A19 LIFX + A19 LIFX + A19


The power of 16 million colors plus infrared. Let the LIFX + takes your smart home to another wavelength by enhancing the vision of your home security camera.

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Product Facts

  • Brightness: 1100 lumens
  • Energy Cost: $1.32
  • (3hrs/day, 11c/kWh. Cost depends on rates & use.)
  • Life: 22.8 years.
  • (Based on 3 hrs/day)
  • Light Appearance: 2500K - 9000K
  • Energy Used: 11 watts
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Product information sheet

Take your smart home to another wavelength with the LIFX +. With the help of infrared, the LIFX + lets you see in the dark by enhancing the range and quality of vision from your at home security camera. Connects with LIFX.

Take complete control of your lighting. The free LIFX app is available on Android, iOS and Windows 10. With a few taps on your tablet, phone or watch, colors go from bright and vibrant to pure whites in seconds.

Expand LIFX to your entire home. Immerse yourself in ready-made color palettes or create and save your own with scenes. Group your lights to control rooms or your entire home with just an easy tap on your LIFX app.

Get the most out of your LIFX by connecting with the rest of your smart home.

View the full range of devices that Connect With LIFX.

Enhance your Nest Cam Outdoor's Night Vision with the LIFX + by blanketing your space with invisible infrared light that allows your camera to see through windows and down dark corners. Now you'll never miss a moment.

The Arlo Q HD security camera lets you see and hear in perfect detail. Arlo Q alerts you whenever motion or sound is detected. LIFX + works with Arlo to enhance the range and quality of your cameras night vision.

Simple smart home control for the whole family: control multiple smart home devices wirelessly with one press of a switch. The Logitech Pop Home Switch Starter Pack is the perfect addition to your LIFX bulbs.

Nest Thermostat connects with LIFX. Going on vacation? As soon as your Nest Thermostat switches itself into Away mode, LIFX can make it look as if someone’s home by automatically turning on and off your lights throughout the house.

Nest Protect connects with LIFX. If Nest Protect detects smoke or CO, LIFX Original lights can flash red to let you know there might be danger and help signal those who are hearing impaired. The setup is all done within the LIFX App so there is no coding required.

Amazon Echo is designed around your voice. It can hear you from across the house even when it is playing your favourite tune. Use Echo to switch off the lights when you’re snug in bed, or dim the lights for movie night. Available at