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Thanks to everyone who took the time to cast their vote on what features they’d like to see next for LIFX (and for all those creative custom suggestions)💡. 

We have a series of releases coming out addressing many of the most popular requests so keep a look out for the App updates 📲.

Vote for the next big thing on the LIFX app.
7497 answered this question (with multiple choice)
Voting Period: Dec 17th 2022 - May 30th 2023

Added effects and light animations 🌈
2.1k resp. 30%
A next level music visualizer 🎸
1.9k resp. 27%
Beefed up themes (save my own, motion themes, bigger theme library) 💪
1.9k resp. 26%
Screen sync and other entertainment integrations 🤖
1.9k resp. 26%
A home dashboard I can customize (different views / custom layouts) 👀
1.7k resp. 24%
Easy 'quick mode' buttons on dash for everyday lighting ⚡️
1.3k resp. 18%
Prompts to help automate something if I do it often 🔮
1k resp. 15%
Better saved lighting states 🚀
924 resp. 13%
A wizard to help me get set up and get more from my LIFX 🧙‍♂️
886 resp. 13%
Easier everyday access to effects & scenes 🎉
804 resp. 11%
More ways to use lights with kids 👶
352 resp. 5%
1k resp. 15%