In the box.

πŸ’‘ 24ft length string light.
🌈 12 uniquely addressable LED bulbs.
🌧️ Weather-proof power supply.
πŸ›œ Outdoor Wi-FI controller.
πŸ”Œ 10.5ft length power cable.

All new color controls

LIFX String is the first of a series of Polychrome products to use our brand new color wheel. With Solid, Complementary and Custom paint modes.

Solid: Like the old wheel, but better, with finer saturation control. Paint your entire string light in the perfect hue.

Complementary: Take the guess work out and allow the app select the perfect accent colors and let that Polychrome shine.

Custom: Get creative and select the colors you want and show off your lighting designer props.

Where's my HomeKit Code?

You can find your HomeKit code on the back of your product manual. The manual is included in your small kit box, with the attachment accessories, power plug and controller.

Connect to the LIFX App

iOS Set-Up