Light Restore

Light Restore functionality, allowing you to configure the way that your lights will respond when they are turned off/on at the switch or unintentionally during a power outage, is supported on the following devices :

Generation 4 with firmware 3.60 or higher

  • LIFX Mini Color, LIFX Mini Day Dusk, LIFX Mini White
  • LIFX Colour, LIFX White to Warm, LIFX White
  • LIFX and LIFX+ (A19/BR30)
  • LIFX Candle Colour and Candle White to Warm

Generation 3 with firmware 2.80 or higher

  • Downlights (100mm & GU10)
  • LIFX and LIFX+ (A19/BR30)
  • LIFX Z (v2 w/ HomeKit), LIFX Beam - coming soon

Light Restore and access to the generation 3 2.80 release is currently in public beta, to get access to this version please go here.

If your device is one of these and is not showing in the relevant Light Restore list view, ensure that it is using the latest firmware version. 

It is not supported on the following feature lights :

  • LIFX Z (v1), LIFX Tile

or older generation lights : 

  • LIFX Colour 1000, LIFX White 800, LIFX Original

If you have any feedback relating to this feature, please contact