LIFX and Google Sleep Study

Do you qualify to participate?

Be part of a life changing piece of sleep research and receive a Google Nest Mini, a LIFX Mini Day & Dusk smart light, and a month subscription to SleepSpace app. To qualify you must have: 

An iPhone 
Live in North America 
2 LIFX devices (any model) 
Connected your LIFX account and Google Assistant account 
Answered the short survey below! 

What you'll get!

Google Nest Mini

Your music sounds bigger and better than ever and with Google Assistant, it's just as helpful around the house. 

LIFX Mini Day & Dusk

Inspired by the sun, Day & Dusk automation tailors the brightness and colour temperature of your lights to compliment your day. 

Free Sleep Tracking

30 Days free of SleepSpace sleep tracking technology that was built off of more than $3 million in grant funding from the National Institutes of Health. 

But wait there's more!

- A new light intervention created by Stanford PhDs, Google, and LIFX designed to improve your sleep quality.  
- You will get a summary of your sleep by a sleep expert.
- Most importantly, you will be contributing to invaluable citizen science.

About the Study

The research is conducted by Dr Daniel Gartenberg PhD, CEO of SleepSpace.  

Dr Gartenberg, LIFX and Google are all interested in how light and control of it can improve sleep. They will use this group data to improve future product development and make the insights they find publicly available. 

The Study

3 week study  

- It’s non-intrusive, no devices must be worn (optional use of Apple Watch) and nothing that will prevent you from sleeping (we want to improve your sleep!)   

We’ll track your sleep with your iPhone 

- Placed on your bed 
- It can sense slight movement and sound.  

We will provide you custom lighting experiences for week 2 and 3. 

- These are designed to optimize your sleep and gain insights into the role light can play in both getting to sleep and waking up.   

You will be sent 4 short surveys to report on how you feel your sleep is going. 

- At start (8-10 mins), end of week 1 (3-4 mins), end of week 2 (3-4 mins), end of study (8-10 mins). Easy! 

Have more questions? See SleepSpace FAQs

Get Started

Get started now by answering the questionnaire, and get ready for the best sleep of your life, whilst helping the field of sleep science! 

This link will take you to a survey that is hosted by Proactive Life Inc (owner of the SleepSpace brand) who are the experts conducting the study on behalf of LIFX and Google. Within the survey, you will find the consent form which outlines all the details of how your data will be handled. 

Our Privacy Policy – see here - does not apply when you visit or use third party links and websites, or to information you share when you connect, integrate or use the LIFX Products with third party applications, integrations, or services. So please make yourself familiar with the Proactive Life/SleepSpace privacy policy before completing the survey. 

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