Keep your cleaning routine light

LIFX Clean is for anyone who wants to reduce the spread of germs in their home, without taking extra time out of their day to do it. Because unlike other cleaning products, disinfection is just the start of what LIFX Clean can do for you and your home. 


Clean A19

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Lifx Clean uses HEV light to get rid of germs.

High-Energy Visible light (HEV) is proven to help eliminate ever-multiplying bacteria* like S. aureus and E. coli. Simply place the bulb in a lamp or pendant and point it towards the objects or surfaces you would like to disinfect.

​LIFX Clean can help eliminate over 90% of S. aureus and E. coli on surfaces depending on the distance and time. The below chart shows the average of three replicates (bacteria cultures), which were tested at three different distances and across four different time intervals. Review the full report.

E. coli
40cm (1.3ft) 80cm (2.6ft) 122cm (4ft)
2 hours 90.32% 70.18% 46.88%
4 hours 96.07% 78.89% 58.06%
8 hours 98.18% 92.89% 67.97%
12 hours 99.54% 95.33% 84.62%
S. aureus
40cm (1.3ft) 80cm (2.6ft) 122cm (4ft)
2 hours 20.57% 69.61% 31.84%
4 hours 67.70% 80.00% 46.08%
8 hours 87.55% 89.11% 52.00%
12 hours 98.67% 98.10% 73.00%
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Automatic disinfection during set periods of time

The easiest way to make a habit of using LIFX Clean is by scheduling Clean Cycles in our app. It can turn on during the day to light up your space with bright whites. In the evening, it can dim down to warm ambers. At night, it automatically runs a Clean Cycle while you sleep. All without a second thought. 

Safe for the whole family

While UV light is dangerous to your eyes and skin, the HEV light that LIFX Clean uses is safe for you and your household (plants and pets included).

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Our brand assurance

Laboratory tested

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What is LIFX Clean? 

LIFX Clean works as a standard LIFX smart light – with all of the colors, control and quality you’d expect. But, unlike any other smart light, it also has a high-energy visible (HEV) light setting that kills harmful bacteria. And, unlike UV light, HEV light is only dangerous to bacteria, meaning it won’t harm you, your family or pets.  ​ 

What is HEV light?   

High-energy visible (HEV) light is a frequency of light that has a wavelength of 405nm – 450nm and appears blue to the eyes. Because of its destructive effect on bacteria, HEV light can function as a disinfectant. However, it’s safe for humans, pets, and plants.  

How long should I turn on the HEV light?  

How long you set your Clean Cycle to run for will depend on how far the bulb is from whatever you’d like disinfected. For example, a table lamp can disinfect objects such as a keyboard at close range in about 2 hours.  

But I've heard UV light is dangerous… 

While UV light is dangerous to your eyes and skin, LIFX Clean uses HEV light, which is safe for you and your household (plants and pets included). 

So this is a bulb, too? 

While LIFX Clean can function as a standard, everyday light bulb, it’s also a smart light. That means it offers smart home integration, billions of color options, scheduling capabilities, voice control functionality and so much more. 

Is it going to increase my electricity bill? 

LIFX uses light emitting diodes (LEDs) in every bulb. LEDs are currently one of the most energy efficient solutions in the market. The estimated energy use of the LIFX Clean is $1.32 per year (based on 3 hours a day at 11¢/kWh).  

Do I need to buy multiple, or will just one work?   

This depends on what you’d like to disinfect and where! If you’d like to use HEV disinfection daily and in multiple rooms in your home, having more than one LIFX Clean is recommended.