Keep your cleaning routine light

LIFX Clean is for anyone who wants to reduce the spread of germs in their home, without taking extra time out of their day to do it. Because unlike other cleaning products, disinfection is just the start of what LIFX Clean can do for you and your home. 

HEV disinfection

Use scientifically proven HEV light to help eliminate ever-multiplying bacteria like S. aureus and E. coli from everyday objects and surfaces in your home.

​LIFX Clean can help eliminate over 90% of S. aureus and E. coli on surfaces depending on the distance and time. The below chart shows the average of three replicates (bacteria cultures) which were tested at three different distances and across four different time intervals. Review the full report.

E. coli S. aureus
40cm (1.3ft) 80cm (2.6ft) 122cm (4ft) 40cm (1.3ft) 80cm (2.6ft) 122cm (4ft)
2 hours 90.32% 70.18% 46.88% 20.57% 69.61% 31.84%
4 hours 96.07% 78.89% 58.06% 67.70% 80.00% 46.08%
8 hours 98.18% 92.89% 67.97% 87.55% 89.11% 52.00%
12 hours 99.54% 95.33% 84.62% 98.67% 98.10% 73.00%
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Safety first

While UV light is dangerous to your eyes and skin, LIFX Clean uses HEV light, which is safe for you and your household (plants and pets included).

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