Beta Firmware

2.90 & 3.90 Beta Release Notes

Beta release dates:
16th of August 2022
25th of August 2022

Products included in the update:

2.90 (LCM2 chipset*)
  • LIFX Lightstrip 
  • LIFX Beam 
  • LIFX Downlights 
  • LIFX Bulbs
3.90 (LCM3 chipset*)
  • LIFX Lightstrip  
  • LIFX Bulbs
  • LIFX Candle Color
  • LIFX Candle White to Warm 
  • LIFX Beam
  • LIFX Downlights

Products not included in the update:

  • LIFX Switch (already updated to 3.90) 
  • LIFX Tile 
  • Legacy Product Range (pre LCM2 chipset). Firmware updates no longer supported. 

* To find what firmware version your product is running view the settings of the device within the LIFX App.



This release has bug fixes and other items listed below, but it has two significant pieces of work that have been a huge effort from our small but passionate team. 

First is a connectivity/stability piece of work. This should create improvements to how stable your connection is, with less ‘going dark’. It should also improve the onboarding process reliability, improving the connection in those moments to create a smoother experience.  
The second we're extra excited about. We’ve been working away on a significant piece of color work to unify the entire range into one 'truer' color space. This has been an enormous body of work to bring generations of tech and products together with scientific testing and visual calibration to create a unified visual profile.  

There are some security improvements too, but we don’t think those will change your experience day to day—but they’re always nice to have. 

We will be sending out surveys about these two experiences in particular in a week for your thoughts.  

Happy testing! 


Release Notes 

Both 2.90 and 3.90:

  • Various bug fixes 
  • Security vulnerability fixes
    • Frag Attack:
      • CVE-2020-24586, CVE-2020-24587, CVE-2020-24588, CVE-2020-26147 
  • Fixed HomeKit scenes not being applied correctly
  • Improved Color handling
    • Improved white temperature accuracy in terms of Duv tolerance. 
    • Improved color accuracy in terms of expected wavelength range. 
    • Increased color consistency between LIFX product ranges 
    • Improved low brightness levels across colors and whites 
    • Fixed flickering at low brightness levels 
  • Lightstrips and Beam 
    • Improved performance of effects 
    • Default temperature updated to 3200K
2.90 Specific:
    • Minor improvements to connectivity and onboarding reliability 
    3.90 Specific:
      • Significant improvements to connectivity 
      • Upgraded version of HomeKit ADK