Welcome to the LIFX family!


...turn on my bedroom lights...

...dim my desk lamp to 50%...

...activate "Dinnertime"...

...make garage lights red...

...and do so much more! You'll find a whole bunch of things you can do with your new clever combo of Amazon Echo and our LIFX White.

Good Morning Sunshine

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Scenes & Dimming

Working from Home?

More tools to Work from Home

Level up your Set up

Reach next level immersion with stunning Smart Lighting to enhance your desk and monitor.

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Alexa Commands

There's many thing you can ask Alexa to do. Here's a few basic commands suggested by Amazon. 

Alexa Smart Home Commands

Home Theatre

Planning on using Alexa to watch movies and tv shows? Complement your sounds system with immersive lighting and bias lighting. 

TV Lighting

White VS Color

Color bulbs offer a whole new spectrum of features. From Morph to Music Visualizer effects, the sky's the limit. 

See our Color Poroducts