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LIFX has gone mini. We’ve packed our Wi-Fi tech and powerful integrations into the perfect light for everywhere.

Keep scrolling to get to know our Mini, Mini Day & Dusk and Mini White.

Inspired by the sun, Day & Dusk automation tailors the brightness, color and temperature of your lights to compliment your day with each section of designed to enhance your health and lifestyle.

Set your wake up time and ease into the morning with soft daylight whites

During the day, stay active with natural and bright white tones

As the evening sets in, a calming amber glow will help unwind

When bedtime comes around, your lights fade to a dim night light or to completely off

Day Dusk settings are completely customizable and designed to function around your day. You can set the routine to run only on the days you want and simply turn off sections that don’t fit in with your schedule. The choice is yours.

compare the LIFX Mini range.

16 Million Colors

Adjustable Whites

Day & Dusk Automation

Color Temperature


App & Cloud Control

Leading Voice Control


Designed for Energy Star