Lighting Tricks that will work a Treat this Halloween

Have you heard? It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, we aren’t talking presents and tinsel. More like petrifying movies and terrifying costumes. That’s right guys and ghouls, it’s Halloween.

Make them scream with Halloween Themes

We couldn’t let Halloween pass us by without creating some limited edition Themes to spook up your home. Inspired by all that induces stomach churning uneasiness, the Creepy Theme breaks all the rules of the color wheel and bring those broken down circus vibes with orange, green and purple.

Forget about making your house a home, make it the stuff of movies with the Haunted Theme, a selection of greens you’d find on the climbers and moss over growing the abandoned shack on the outskirts of town. Don’t fall for the classic orange, try our official Halloween theme with greens and purples that look surprisingly scary glowing through windows and around the cracks of doors.

If these don’t cause the spine-chilling effect you were hoping for, you can create your own hair-raising, nightmarish, bone-chilling display by saving a custom color palette to scenes. Use the Animate theme to do as Dr Victor Frankenstein did and bring them to life.