LIFX USA Price Reductions 2023

LIFX Product Range

Hello LIFX enthusiasts and friends!

As we all get settled in and start hitting our stride for 2023, we thought we’d take a minute and share the latest with you all. 

TLDR: We’ve been preeeettty busy releasing lots of app updates 🎉, new feature sets and setting up new retailers in the US. 🏢 In addition, we’ve been honing our everyday pricing 🤑 (because most of all, we want you to be able to get your hands on even better products, while keeping some extra bucks in your pocket). 

Want to know more? Read on.  

It's been a whirlwind 6 months. We've been hard at work blending our team and expertise with that of the amazing crew at Feit Electric, and blazing a trail to a new norm that includes regular new feature additions, updates to our experience, more ways to get feedback directly from users... plus plans for a whole new line of products (but shhh 🤫 – we’ll have more news on those soon).  

Over this time, we’ve... 

  • Set up our new LIFX HQ in Melbourne, Australia. 🦘 
  • Strengthened the team with a new CTO, App & Firmware Developers and Designers. 🤓
  • Relaunched LIFX in the US with the help of retail giants The Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Amazon and Best Buy.
  • Talked tech and strategy with all our major partners at CES. 🧠 
  • Started on new products that will shake up the smart lighting category. ⚡️ 
  • Released a series of updates that have improved connectivity, set new standards for color consistency and launched a new ‘Routines’ builder for easier and more powerful light scheduling. 🌈 
  • Launched brand new downlight products in the US and Australia. 💡 

But perhaps our favorite update of all... our friends at Feit have been hard at work improving our production costs and we are bringing those savings to the people, with major price reductions across most of the LIFX product range.  

So, while pricing on everything else seems to be going up, we are bucking the trend with up to 30% lower Everyday Prices. LIFX will continue our mission to deliver the best color smart lights in the world, and now they’ll be more accessible to everyone—which we think is cause for celebration. 🎉 

Check out our 2023 pricing reductions for US fans below: 

LIFX Color 800lm – 1 Pack $34.99 $29.99
LIFX Color 800lm – 2 Pack $64.99 $49.99
LIFX Color 1100lm A19 – 1 Pack $49.99 $39.99
LIFX Color 1100lm A19 – 2 Pack $89.99 $69.99
LIFX Color 1100lm BR30 – 1 Pack $49.99 $39.99
LIFX Color 1100lm BR30 – 2 Pack $89.99 $69.99
LIFX Clean 1100lm A19 – 1 Pack $69.99 $44.99
LIFX Clean 1100lm A19 – 2 Pack $119.99 $79.99
LIFX Nightvision 1100lm A19 – 1 Pack
LIFX Nightvision 1100lm A19 – 2 Pack $109.99 $79.99
LIFX Nightvision 1100lm BR30 – 1 Pack $59.99 $44.99
LIFX Nightvision 1100lm BR30 – 2 Pack $109.99  $79.99
LIFX Candle Color – 1 Pack $49.99 $34.99
LIFX Candle White to Warm – 1 Pack $29.99 $24.99
Lightstrip Color Zones  – 120” Kit $124.99 $119.99
Lightstrip Color Zones  – 80” Kit< $99.99 $89.99
Lightstrip Color Zones  – 40” Kit
Lightstrip Color Zones  – 40” Extension $34.99 $24.99
LIFX White 650lm – 2 Pack $19.99 $14.99
LIFX Switch White Plastic  – 2 Pack $89.99 $79.99
LIFX Switch Black Plastic  – 2 Pack $89.99 $79.99
LIFX Switch White Glass  – 1 Pack $99.99 $79.99
LIFX Switch Black Glass  – 1 Pack