Now available, the LIFX Chroma Connector. This application allows users to connect the entire range of LIFX products to Razer Chroma devices and enabled games. Available exclusively on Razer Synapse 3, the LIFX Chroma Connector extends the gaming experience beyond the screen and into the user’s room with responsive lighting effects triggered by events in the game.

Download LIFX Chroma Connector

When users download the LIFX Chroma Connector, their lights will automatically appear within the app (so long as their PC and lights are connected to the same network). Individual lights can be selected for use with Razer and grouped for specialized effects.

Users will also experience a range of lighting effects including:

Breathing: Gently pulses in a color of the user's choice every 7 seconds, perfectly matching other Razer Chroma enabled devices.

Spectrum cycling: Slowly cycles through the entire spectrum of 16.8 million colors for a subtle yet visually stunning look.

Reactive light: Lights up upon actuation and stays lit in either short, medium, or long mode before fading. LIFX lights will react to events in the game, such as character changes, damage to health, leveling up and upgrades. 


Download LIFX Chroma Connector