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LIFX Clean has the power to eliminate bacteria in your home, as well as enhance your home setup with innovative smart tech functionality.

By scheduling LIFX Clean to activate its Clean Cycle in the hours that you’re not using it as a standard smart light, HEV lighting will switch on to help mitigate harmful bacteria on surfaces and objects in your home.

Without lifting a finger, clean your phone, keys, makeup brushes, kitchen cutting boards and more. Plus, it’s is safe for you, your family, your pets and your plants.

There’s never been a lighter way to a cleaner home.

* Please note that as we are still awaiting state-level approval for orders in Hawaii. We are unfortunately unable to provide a timeline on final approval. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Renovating, new build or corporate gifting? Contact us for a quote. (Minimum spend $1500)

  • 550 billion colours 
  • HEV (High Energy Visible) light helps eliminate bacteria throughout your home 
  • Connects via Wi-Fi; no hub needed 
  • Homekit, Alexa, Google Assistant compatible 
  • Schedule on-off, fade, or brightness/temperature change or schedule a Clean Cycle to maintain bacteria exposure on key surfaces 
  • Passed efficacy testing in laboratory. Testing conducted by the Department of Chemistry at Biotechnology of Australia’s Swinburne University of Technology 
  • Two-year limited parts warranty applies 
Product Specifications
Brightness 1100 Lumens
Wattage 11.5 Watts at full brightness
Wattage Equivalence 75 Watt replacement using only 11.5 Watts (1100 Lumens) 
Wattage on Standby <0.5W
Voltage Range AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Color Temperature 1500K to 9000K.
Beam Angle 135 degrees
Dimming Software dimming 1% - 100%
LED Life-span 22.8 years
Wi-Fi Router Requirement 802.11b,g,n standards compliant
Security WPA, WPA2
Product Dimensions LxWxH 64 x 63 x 116 mm
Single Unit Weight 200 g
Packaged Dimensions LxWxH 68 x 68 x 150 mm
Packaged Weight 270 g

About LIFX Clean

At the root of it all, LIFX Clean is a super high-tech light bulb. During the day it can illuminate with a powerful 1100 lumens, and help you create the perfect atmosphere with millions of vibrant colors. By night, it uses High Energy Visible light (HEV) to disinfect objects and surfaces. This means that LIFX Clean can help eliminate up to 90% of S. Aureus and E. Coli on surfaces depending on the time and distance.

Close range: Everyday objects like your phone & keys, tv remote, keyboard, or even toothbrush can gather lots of bacteria. Place them underneath a lamp with LIFX Clean to disinfect the surfaces of your most used items.  

Mid-range: Use the bulb in your bathroom, office, or above your kitchen counter to help prevent bacterial build up on key surfaces.  

Smart light by day

Upgrade your day with voice control capabilities, 550 billion colour options, bright whites and warm ambers, schedules and scenes.

Bacteria disinfectant by night

Then reduce bacteria by night by scheduling a Clean Cycle while you’re asleep for an effortless addition to your cleaning routine.

Safe for the whole household

Unlike UV lighting, which is dangerous to your eyes and skin, LIFX Clean uses HEV lighting, which is safe for you and your loved ones. This allows you to use LIFX Clean during the day as well.

Hands on

The app is simple to use, but advanced in it's controls

...or hands off

Use your voice to control your lights while you relax

Disinfect to keep the germs at bay

Put your headphones, keys, controllers, and other everyday objects under HEV light to mitigate bacteria. 

Get customer support from our team

How-to guides, in-app troubleshooting, and LIFX Support agents will help you get the most out of your lights. 

Use integrations for a smarter day

Control with your wearables, get visual notifications with IFTTT, create smart assistant routines, and much more through integrations. 

LIFX Clean uses HEV light to get rid of germs.

High Energy Visible Light (HEV) is high-frequency, high-energy light in the violet/blue band from 400 to 450 nm in the visible spectrum. LIFX Clean can help eliminate over 90% of S. aureus and E. coli on surfaces depending on the distance and time. The below chart shows the average of three replicates (bacteria cultures), which were tested at three different distances and across four different time intervals. Scroll down further to see our lab testing process.

E. coli
40cm (1.3ft) 80cm (2.6ft) 122cm (4ft)
2 hours 90.32% 70.18% 46.88%
4 hours 96.07% 78.89% 58.06%
8 hours 98.18% 92.89% 67.97%
12 hours 99.54% 95.33% 84.62%
S. aureus
40cm (1.3ft) 80cm (2.6ft) 122cm (4ft)
2 hours 20.57% 69.61% 31.84%
4 hours 67.70% 80.00% 46.08%
8 hours 87.55% 89.11% 52.00%
12 hours 98.67% 98.10% 73.00%

Millions of colors