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What are Maker Labs?

The 3D printing hype of the early 2010s brought small, low-cost printers to many homes around the world. Groundbreaking technology was suddenly within reach of thousands of designers, engineers, hobbyists, schools, and everyday consumers that wanted to create their own projects.   Photo Credit: Creative tools    But even as technology becomes more affordable, you still need to spend in between $500 and 6K USD to get your hands on a decent 3D printer these days. The solution if you still want to discover 3D printing? Try before you buy. Where? In a Maker Lab - also called Fab Labs, Hacker or Maker spaces. These are normally DIY spaces where people can meet to create and invent new things. They often supply...
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Celebrate Labor Day with Light DJ Pro and LIFX!

Group your LIFX lights with the Light DJ Pro (LDP) app to enhance your Labor Day gathering and end the night with a party appropriate fireworks display. Set your favorite colors, turn on the music, and set the tone for the evening with bursts of light overhead. To achieve this theme’s desired lighting effect, we recommend grouping a minimum of three LIFX lights. SYNCSwitch on the desired LIFX lights and synch them by going to the SETTINGS icon (a pair of gears) on the LDP HOME screen. On the next screen, tap the LIFX bulb icon under LIGHT CONNECTIONS. The app will automatically detect and sync with your lights.GROUPGo back to the app HOME screen and tap the GROUP icon...
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Lumens: What You Need to Know

 Lumens Defined A lumen is a measurement of illumination which tells you the exact amount of light a bulb will produce. If you want to look at it from a more technical perspective, a lumen is a finite measurement of visible light emitted by a source which is detectable to the human eye. It’s now common to find lumen ratings listed on light bulb packaging as this information can help individuals make more informed choices in determining which bulbs are right for them. Traditionally, light bulbs have only displayed wattage ratings on product packaging. As energy saving bulbs are now taking up a larger share of the market, expect to see lumens listed universally. By taking the time to understanding...
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Group your lights and set the mood

Still adjusting your LIFX lights one by one? It’s time to get you up to speed on Grouping! Grouping is a powerful function within the LIFX app which allows for convenient adjustment of multiple LIFX lights throughout your home or workspace. You’ll gain enhanced control over your lighting network while opening the doors on some very cool lighting themes and effects at the same time.  Create a GroupStart by ensuring all LIFX lights within the intended group are online. Go to the HOME menu and choose the first LIFX light you’re forming a group around. On the following screen, press EDIT in the upper right corner. From EDIT, select GROUP, then create a NEW GROUP to add your light to;...
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Invisible to the human eye

The LIFX + is a unique light, combining all the control and color capability of the LIFX lights, with the addition of IR LEDs to the hardware. IR adds a very unique feature to the LIFX + A19 and BR30 lights. It uses 950nm IR LEDs for light that is invisible to the human eye, but can be seen by many security cameras on the market. Most night vision cameras will have IR LEDs built in, for allowing the camera to see at night. What the LIFX + can add in value, is to illuminate those areas that the camera LEDs cannot reach. To setup your extended night vision, simply place your LIFX + in a place where it can...
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It’s “Back to the Future” with Alexa voice control for your lights

Alexa just keeps getting smarter! She can now control your LIFX lights in custom groups as well as let you control your scenes and colors with just a quick voice command. First, you will need to setup your LIFX OPTIMIZED FOR SMART HOME skill. To get started, open the Alexa App. Tap the MENU icon in the upper left hand corner. Find SMART HOME and tap SMART HOME SKILLS. Click ENABLE SKILLS then search for the LIFX Skill. ENABLE the LIFX OPTIMIZED FOR SMART HOME skill. This will require you to enter your LIFX account name and password to link your LIFX lights to your ALEXA app. Tap AUTHORIZE.     Once the account is linked, the Alexa App will...
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German engineering has never looked this good.

What? LIFX Partner and creators of Nuimo, Senic are returning to Kickstarter to launch COVI. COVI is a speech-enabled light that also includes an open-source based smart home hub. Senic has taken the feedback of their early users and channeled it directly into their ambitious second product. COVI will work together with LIFX bulbs and also be compatible with Nuimo.       How? COVI is a speech-enabled designer light and open-source hub that supports speech services like Amazon Alexa. COVI can connect smart home devices to enable home automation with an awareness of your activities. Unlike many larger companies who build closed automation platforms, COVI is built on an open source platform includes 500+ contributors. This allows COVI...
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Set the Scene

Forget about fumbling for perfect lighting thanks to the one-touch magic of LIFX SCENES. Set multiple custom presets and let SCENES efficiently illuminate any situation; warm white for a dinner date or a groovy green when spirits are high.   Ready to set the SCENE? Start with a lighting situation you want preset for future use. Next, go to HOME, hit the “+” symbol in the upper right corner, select “New Scene” from the pop-up menu.     Give your new scene a unique name, assign it to your connected LIFX lights or a group, tap SAVE, and you’re done!     Scroll down to access your presets on the HOME screen, press SCENES, and your preferred illumination options appear...
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Gantri Brings a New Twist to Manufacturing

Who? Gantri offers high-quality 3D printed modern designs. We empower creative designers to turn their original ideas into products and share them with design lovers worldwide.     When? Gantri is excited to be exhibiting at Renegade Brooklyn (6/17-18) and hosting an exclusive studio tour during SF Design Week (6/14-22). They’ll be showing off a selection of five table light designs powered with LIFX lights from a range of international designers. Mark your calendars for June 17th when these lights are made available for purchase on along with plans to roll out new designs weekly.     Why? Most original product design ideas are never realized because bringing them to the market is too difficult for designers. This is...
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Rise & Fall with the Sun

Naturally ease your transition into the waking world or dip yourself to sleep, with Solar Schedules. This GPS-enabled feature pairs the LIFX lights in the home with the rising and setting of the sun. Schedule your preferred time to light or dim the household while keeping in a natural rhythm with the Sun’s movement across the Earth. To set your Solar Schedule, tap the “+” button in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Choose NEW SCHEDULE on the following menu then tap START TIME. On the following screen, choose WITH THE SUN, then allow the LIFX app to pinpoint your GPS location. LIFX Tip 37: Be home when setting your solar schedules, so they are accurate to your...
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