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Feature Highlight: LIFX Z Move

Elate your senses with a palette of colors and express your personality on to your space with LIFX Z. The LIFX Z has 8 color zones per meter strip. This allows for a multicolor strip instead of just a single solid color.
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How a tech consultant became an inventor of a motion sensor that works with LIFX #inventedforlifx

LIFX has become an important part of many people’s lives. Every day we see appreciation from our users for making their homes smarter, brighter and more automated, with more people connecting bulbs and making their spaces more fun, expressive, unique and responsive. We’re so grateful and proud to have an army of supporters, makers and creatives around us that see and use our lights in unique ways. It is the clever, surprising and novel ways you all interact with our lights that allows LIFX to challenge and reimagine what lighting should be. It’s for these reasons we’re starting a monthly blog series about our secret to success - you! Presenting #inventedforlifx - featuring awesome people who do great things with...
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The new look LIFX app is here.

  WE'VE GIVEN THE LIFX APP FOR iOS & ANDROID A FRESH LOOK. Your lights now appear as power icons. To toggle on and off select the power icon. Take complete control when you touch the light's caption. Here you will be able to navigate 180 degrees of color, shades of white, themes and effects. More than just a pretty face. We've added extra night vision control. Tap your lights name, head to edit and then Night Vision. From here you can toggle the invisible light on and off as needed.   You can now save scenes on your light strip. When you've finished painting colored light on the LIFX Z tap "+" and select New Scene. Here you can...
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Extended Night Vision for your Nest Cam Outdoor™

  Looking after your home is important, but is it looking after you? With the release of our Generation 3 LIFX + Bulb we have introduced a new way to enhance the ability for your home security camera to see in the dark. Engineered to include infrared technology the LIFX + blankets your space in invisible light that’s easily picked up by your camera, while also offering amazing colors and customizable whites, as you’ve come to expect from your LIFX. Our LIFX + BR30 is our first bulb that is dust tight and water resistant, making it suitable for use in outside setting (IP65 compliant). Use your LIFX + BR30 with the Nest Cam Outdoor to cover your porch and...
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