LIFX Unveils Full Range of Outdoor Lighting Products with Polychrome Technology for Brighter, More Vibrant Backyards Everywhere

LIFX’s five new outdoor products include a dynamic, user-oriented app and its signature SuperColor, now available exclusively at The Home Depot

LOS ANGELES, Calif., February 28, 2024 – LIFX, the renowned smart lighting company recently acquired by Feit Electric, is proud to announce its latest innovation in smart polychromatic lighting technology with the launch of its first-ever dedicated outdoor lighting range. The new outdoor lighting products include the LIFX Smart String Light, the LIFX Smart Round Path Light, the LIFX Smart Square Path Light, the LIFX Smart Neon Flex Light, and the LIFX Smart Spot Light, which are set to transform outdoor spaces with versatility, energy efficiency and improve brightness levels.

The new outdoor products also have access to LIFX’s dynamic mobile app, available on iOS and Android, enabling users to effortlessly create captivating outdoor lighting scenes. Once connected, users can explore millions of different colors & themes at the touch of a button, and sync effects on certain products, such as the Path and Spot.

"We believe that smart lighting should extend beyond the confines of indoor spaces, enriching outdoor environments and enhancing the way we interact with our surroundings," said Alan Feit, president of Feit Electric. “With our user-oriented app and Matter-compatible ecosystem, our innovative outdoor lighting portfolio from LIFX makes it easier than ever to manage and elevate outdoor living experiences this spring.”

Using Matter, a universal smart home standard, these outdoor lights are compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, and Samsung SmartThings. This all-inclusive integration mix offers seamless control of all devices through a single app regardless of what you use to manage your smart home, eliminating the need for multiple apps. "After more than two years of extensive research, development and testing, our new outdoor products are ready to help set the stage for brighter, warmer spring days and summer nights," said Mark Hollands, chief technology officer of LIFX. "Our new fixtures and app empower users

to effortlessly transform their outdoor spaces, creating immersive environments that enhance ambiance, safety and aesthetics."

LIFX's full range of outdoor lighting portfolio is available exclusively online and in stores nationwide at The Home Depot starting at the end of February 2024.

The new LIFX outdoor lighting portfolio includes:

LIFX Smart String Light

  • Ideal for creating inviting outdoor atmospheres, these weatherproof string lights offer customizable colors and effects to suit any occasion.
  • Specs: 24 feet long, 600 Lumens, Wi-Fi compatible (Matter compatibility coming soon), IP66 outdoor rating, available in-store or online at The Home Depot.

LIFX Smart Round or Square Path Light

  • Illuminate pathways, walkways, and garden borders with these sleek and durable path lights. Both shape options include LIFX signature color blending technology across six addressable color-blending zones.
  • Round Path Light Specs: 10 inches high, 800 Lumens, Wi-Fi and Matter compatible, six addressable zones, IP66 outdoor rating, available in-store or online at The Home Depot.
  • Square Path Light Specs: 10 inches high, 500 Lumens, Wi-Fi and Matter compatible, six addressable zones, IP66 outdoor rating, available in-store or online at The Home Depot.

LIFX Smart Neon Flex Light

  • Versatility and easy installation allow users to quickly create captivating lighting designs along paths, fences, garden beds or planters, steps, and outdoor seating. Users can combine two strands for up to 32 feet of effortless brightness and color.
  • Specs: 16 feet long, 2150 Lumens, Wi-Fi and Matter compatible, IP67 outdoor rating, available in-store or online at The Home Depot.

LIFX Smart Spotlight

  • These weather-resistant fixtures offer precision lighting control for stunning displays, highlighting architectural features, landscaping, or outdoor décor.
  • Specs: 1600 Lumens, Wi-Fi and Matter compatible, IP66 outdoor rating, available in-store or online at The Home Depot.

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