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Works with Nest

A brighter way to think about fire safety and energy use.

Nest Protect

If Nest Protect detects smoke or CO, LIFX bulbs can flash red to let you know there might be danger and help signal those who are hearing impaired.

Nest Thermostat

Going on vacation? As soon as your Nest Thermostat switches itself into Away mode, LIFX can make it look as if someone’s home.

Connects with LIFX

With LIFX there is no router, bridge, or special equipment needed, so your bulbs can sense and talk to the Nest Protect and Nest Thermostat

Get Connected

To connect your LIFX lights with your Nest Protect and Nest Thermostat first make sure you have registered for your LIFX Cloud account and claimed your bulbs. For help visit our Help Center.

With your LIFX bulbs connected to the Cloud and your Nest account active, open the LIFX App, scroll down to the Integrations menu and press the Nest button. You will be prompted to Connect to Nest and enter your Nest login details.

For a step by step walk through, visit our Help Center article - "How to access Nest connectivity".

Download the LIFX app for your preferred device and connect with Nest:

Download on the App Store Download on Google Play Download on Windows Store