Another Wavelength

Another Wavelength

Enhance the range and quality of vision from your security camera.



With 8 uniquely addressable zones per meter, you are the artist.

Let the price... mmm, drop!

Let the price... mmm, drop!

Intergalactic sale on LIFX Color and White LED range. Limited time only.

A LIFX light for every fixture.

See your home in a brand new light. Choose between millions of colors or 1000 shades of white.

Brighten your space, even in the dark. With the help of infrared the LIFX+ takes your smart home to another wavelength by enhancing the vision of your home security camera.

Available in A19 and BR30 sizes, with the BR30 suitable for use outdoors. The perfect addition to you home security system.

Fine-tune your lighting with custom controlled LED strips. Select from a spectrum of color for 8 individually addressable zones and express your creativity. Illuminate under cabinets, cornices or behind televisions for the perfect bias lighting.

Get started with a Starter Kit that includes an AC plug pack and 2m LED Strip. Extendable up to 10 meters.

LIFX Color LED Range

16 million colors and warm to cool whites. Meet LIFX the brightest, most efficient and versatile Wi-Fi LED light bulbs. Control your lights and select the perfect shade and brightness, all from your smart device.

Available in A19 and BR30 sizes to suit all your light fixtures.

Was $59.99 USD. Now only $44.99 USD. Limited time only.


LIFX White LED Range

Enjoy 1000 shades of warm to cool whites. Control the comfort of any room with the brightest, easiest, most versatile, energy efficient LED smart bulb.

Available in A19 and BR30 sizes to suit all your light fixtures.

White 800 was $29.99 USD. Now only $22.49 USD.
White 900 was $39.99 USD. Now only $29.99 USD.
Limited time only.


Simple set up.

LIFX is the easiest smart bulb to set-up with no hub or extra hardware required. Install, download and enjoy.


Step 1

Plug in

Replace your current lightbulb with a LIFX bulb.

Step 2


Download the free LIFX app available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

Step 3


Explore bold colors, intense themes and create lighting schedules.

Step 3


Add more LIFX bulbs whenever you want and unlock more features.

Turn on the light and unlock your smart home's potential. Find out what smart devices connect with LIFX.