Firmware updates

Update the software in your LIFX bulbs to unlock our latest features and improvements. Find out what's new.


Firmware updates can take up to 15 minutes per bulb. If you experience issues upgrading multiple bulbs, switch off some lights to update one bulb at a time. For further info, visit the Help Center.

iOS, iPhone download

LIFX Updater iOS, iPhone app

Android download

LIFX Android app (includes updater)

Or update via your computer:

Mac download

Mac 10.7 or newer [13MB]

SHA1 f08a4d6629acde86fbb332f785a55520d38bd0df

Windows download

Windows XP or newer [23MB]

SHA1 A41AAE11D7653732E5182CD26C631BF136CDB35A

Linux download

Debian Linux x86_64 [1.3MB]

SHA1 df52297b398afba5f5c4773522731133ee3a52b4

What's new in 2.0?

Added support for secure Internet-connectivity of your LIFX bulbs. Improved performance and reliability for on-boarding and lighting control. Paved the way for dramatically faster future firmware updates.

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