Flic 2
Flic 2
Flic 2
Flic 2
Flic 2
Flic 2
Flic 2
Flic 2

Flic 2

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Flic is a tool that helps you simplify everyday routines. Instead of different apps or complicated voice commands, structure your life with buttons!

Connects and controls all LIFX products. Set up and configure Flic to talk to your LIFX via the Flic App.

Choose between the following options:

  • 1 x Flic Button
  • 2 x Flic Buttons + 1 Accessory Clip

The button
for LIFX

Control your lights with a simple push of a button.

Re-engineered from the ground up with Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range, the Flic 2 is the perfect remote button for controlling you LIFX lights.

Double the Range with Flic 2

Flic 2 comes with Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range capability, which means greater coverage. Doubling the performance of the original Flic button.

Simple button Routines

Master Switch

Turn off all your LIFX lights when leaving the house with one push.


Need to escape a meeting? Create an emergency Flic button to Slack your collegue to save you.


Place your Flic on the coffee table or bedside table. Perfect for a TV binge or sleep-in.


Focused purpose and reliable performance lend it an elegant simplicity. 

David Priest

Flic is creating value in the physical Internet-of-Things world.

Ross Mason

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