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The perfect light for any decor

Design experts have long known that lighting is one of the most critical elements to outstanding home decor. 

The right light creates a sense of place, and brings out subtle details, colors, and feelings in a room. 

LIFX gives you the ability to transform your home anytime you want, with an unlimited lighting palette that instantly adjusts color, tone, and brightness with a tap. LIFX casts a whole new light on your surroundings and lets you love your home even more. 


Don't be color-shy.

Tap into the aesthetic and wellness benefits found in the world of colored lighting.

Enjoy a dose of blue light along with your morning espresso to wake up your mind and increase concentration.

Or create tranquility with a light green glow. You don't ever have to commit to a color, so you can afford to go bold.


Be shade-savvy. 

Not all shades are created equal. Let your LIFX shine with a shade that diffuses--but doesn't block--light. Fixtures in shades of neutral or white work like a blank canvass for your light. Or choose glass for crystal clear colors and brightness.  


The ideal complement to imagination.  

LIFX will inspire endless play with color during the day, and transform into the perfect nightlight to help young ones wind down to sleep. Magical dreams await. 


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