The Original info sheet

Product specifications

Bulb Dimensions [Edison]

Bulb Dimensions [Bayonet]

Fitting Type

E26 Edison Screw: US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Central America and South America.

E27 Edison Screw: South America and Rest of World

B22 Bayonet Cap: Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand

Voltage Range

Universal power supply AC 100-240V • 50/60Hz


1017 lumens (75W equivalent)


17W at full brightness

Product Dimensions [Edison]

Inches: 2.55" W x 5.32" H

Millimeters: 65mm W x 135mm H

Product Dimensions [Bayonet]

Inches: 2.55" W x 5.45" H

Millimeters: 65mm W x 138.5mm H

Product Weight [Edison]

10.4 ounces (294 grams)

Product Weight [Bayonet]

10.7 ounces (302 grams)

Beam Angle

130 Degrees

Color Temperature

2,500 K - 9,000 K


Software dimming

Expected Lifetime

Up to 22.8 years based on 3 hours usage per day.


Pearl White and Gun Metal Gray


Not intended for use in weather exposed areas

Operating system

iOS 8.0+ or Android 4.0+


2-year limited hardware warranty

Packaging Dimensions

Inches: 3.58" L x 3.58" W x 5.75" H

Millimeters: 91mm L x 91mm W x 146mm H

Wi-Fi Router Requirements

Wi-Fi router must be standard 802.11 b, g or n 2.4Ghz compliant. WPA2 security (highly recommended)

Product Code

E26 Fittings: BUL-11-A21E26-W, BUL-11-A21E26-G

E27 Fittings: BUL-11-A21E27-W, BUL-11-A21E27-G

B22 Fittings: BUL-11-A21B22-W, BUL-11-A21B22-G