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Welcome to your smart home

Create spaces where you thrive and feel your best by connecting more to your surroundings with simple, graceful products.

With LIFX there is no router, bridge, or special equipment needed, so your bulbs can sense and talk to many other smart devices like Nest Protect and Nest Thermostat.

All you need is a smart device and a Wi-Fi connection to control your lights with just a touch - even from thousands of miles away. 


Intuitive controls.  

The simple to use app allows you to control lights individually, or create custom groups to easily control multiple bulbs at the same time. 

Imagine a group that can instantly dim all of your lights, setting the mood for movie night. Or tune your bedroom lamps to full brightness to chase away a dreary day, before getting out of bed. 

You can also enjoy one-touch preset Themes to bring a sunset to the comfort of your living room, or evoke an ocean-scape for the ultimate relaxing bath time. 


Connect to more.

For more on how LIFX interacts with things to increase your security and comfort, check out the possibilities unlocked by LIFX Cloud, and explore our partnership with NEST