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Found the perfect color scheme for your room? With Scenes you can can save your favorite color or even a palate of colors across a group.

Create a Movie Scene that dims your lights to a deep red or a Study Scene of blue light that helps increase focus.

Scenes can also be used with Schedules so that they can turn on automatically.

Create a Scene

This example shows the experience on the LIFX iOS App but the experience in Android is the same.


Choose the individual Light or Group you would like to create the Scene for. In this example we have selected a Light named Bedside Lamp.

Pick the color and brightness you would like to save. I have gone for a deep Orange color at 90% brightness. That looks pretty sunny!

Now press the Smarts tab on the bottom right.

Add Scene

On this page you can create a Scene or a Schedule for the Bedside Lamp. For this example we are going to press the Add Scene tile.

Create Scene

  • Give your scene a Name, Sunrise will work.

  • Your Bedside Lamp light should be selected., if not click on it so the little blue tick is showing.

  • And to finish, hit the Save tab at the top right.

Active Scene

You now have an saved Scene called Sunrise that you can quickly access via the Smarts Tab.

Want to add this to a Schedule and have it automatically turn on each morning! Check out the Schedules walk through to see how.