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LIFX - 全球最受欢迎的彩色Wi-Fi照明品牌登陆中国

The world’s favorite color Wi-Fi light now ships to China [View English]

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上海 - 享誉全球的LIFX灯泡现在可以直接发送到中国用户,并已经完成了和谷歌(Google),苹果(Apple Homekit),亚马逊Echo(Amazon)和三星(Samsung)的连接。


从今天开始,为庆祝LIFX首次参加CES亚洲展,LIFX门户网站www.lifx.com为中国,香港和台湾用户提供免邮费和多支包装的优惠活动,凡到LIFX CES展馆参观的均可现场得到LIFX优惠卡。

LIFX做到了真正把灯泡重新发明,触碰LIFX个性简洁的APP,你可以瞬间从色彩丰富的彩虹色,过渡到柔和的暖白色,或跳跃到时尚清雅的冷日光色。这套APP同时匹配iPhone,苹果手表,安卓和Window 10等各大操作系统。除此以外,LIFX的灯智慧多变,灯光可以自动模拟日出日落,塑造温柔的自然光照场景,也可以通过邮件或信息触发特殊颜色变化的安全模式。LIFX灯采用色彩逼真高亮度的LED,在技术上达到绿色节能的极致。

马克·亚历山大先生,LIFX 首席执行官说:“无论您在世界的哪个角落,LIFX都可以依照您喜欢的颜色,营造美丽时尚个性的家居环境。”


LIFX灯匹配普通灯泡接头,免去额外的控制线或网关硬件烦恼。因为一直wifi在线,可以实现真正的智能家居控制,您可以通过谷歌 Voice 和亚马逊 Echo实现声音控制,也可以通过谷歌Nest进行实现安全监视警示,LIFX还和很多世界知名的平台联盟合作例如三星SmartThings传感器,开关等IoT设备连接,让用户拥有卓越的智能家居体验。





LIFX - The world’s favorite color Wi-Fi light now ships to China

SHANGHAI — LIFX, the world’s top Wi-Fi color light bulb that connects to Google, Apple, Amazon, and Samsung, is now shipping to China.

Just a few years after launching as a startup company, LIFX is now the most popular Wi-Fi smart light brand in American and European stores like Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon UK.

Beginning today at, LIFX now offers its popular free shipping and multi-pack discounts to everyone in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. To celebrate the launch, LIFX is at CES Asia, Shanghai this week with discount promotions for all booth visitors.

LIFX has truly reinvented the light bulb. With a beautifully simple app (iPhone, Apple Watch, Android and Windows 10), you can instantly choose from the richest rainbow colors or stylish pastels to cool daylight and cozy warm white. LIFX is smart. Your lights can automatically fade on your lights at sunrise, activate security modes or pulse a special color when you receive an email or chat. And with vibrant, bright LEDs LIFX offers superior energy savings.

“LIFX transforms anywhere you live into a beautiful, stylish home - decorated with your favourite color.” said Marc Alexander, LIFX CEO.”

"And because it’s Wi-Fi, you can choose new colors over the internet any time, without needing Bluetooth connection or wires.”

LIFX bulbs fit any standard light socket without extra wires or hub hardware. And with always-on Wi-Fi connectivity, they're ready for the truly smart home with voice control from Google Voice and Amazon Echo, the security and comfort of Google Nest products and a whole world of automation from Samsung SmartThings sensors, switches and other IOT devices.

"We invite all our enthusiastic fans and new customers to welcome LIFX with our free shipping across China.” continued Mr. Alexander.

Founded in 2012 and one of the largest growing companies in the connected home space - LIFX has offices in Asia Pacific - Australia, China, USA - San Francisco, and sales representatives in UK, Europe, with a combined reach of over 80 countries.

LIFX is available immediately at As a welcome special to all CES Asia participants, use the coupon “CES2016” for a further 10% discount on check-out.

Visit LIFX at CES Asia in Shanghai this week: Hall N1, booth 1470.

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