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Smart Lighting

LED Smart lighting is the future. It incorporates a range of technologies so that lights can be controlled, or work automatically. They can be set to different levels–white tones or colors–be switched on remotely, or via automations, and can even change color. LEDs are the ultimate choice for efficient lighting. 

Energy efficiency

Smart lights by themselves can help save the bill payer a fortune. A 100 Watt bulb, for example, will cost up to $50 a year in electricity usage, if on for 12 hours a day. Even when you factor in energy saving bulbs such as LEDs or CFLs, the cost of running lights even in smaller buildings will add up. Smart lighting allows you to calibrate exactly when a light should and should not be on, allowing them to switch off when not being used.


Your home or work place should be well lit, to provide the best environment for work, play, or relaxation. With smart LED lighting, you can adjust your lighting for different moods or occasions. Dim your lights when only some light is needed, like watching a movie, or have your lights come on slowly as the sun sets, to keep the light in the room at a similar level as sunlight slowly fades into dusk. With color LEDs in your smart light, you can even use color to add to your decor.


Smart lighting can be incorporated into networks that not only control lights, but control other building functions such as air conditioning, electronic locks, and a range of electrical appliances. This can increase efficiency and lower energy cost for home and business owners. Smart Lighting is a great way to explore the options for the future of the "Smart Home," while improving the quality of light in your home.