LIFX Rewards Program

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LIFX Rewards Program

Terms and Conditions

1. Inviting friends and earning LIFX Credits:

  • When you sign up for the LIFX Rewards Program, you will be emailed a unique coupon to share with friend and family as you see fit. This coupon will take $20 off the advertised price of all LIFX Original bulbs on the website.
  • Your unique coupon will be valid for the period of the LIFX Rewards Program.
  • If your friends and family use your unique coupon when purchasing, you will also receive a $20 credit against your account. You will be credited at the end of each calendar month in the form of a coupon code to the current total value earned. 
  • The LIFX Credits you receive from referring your friends will be valid for use within the period of the LIFX Rewards Program.
  • There is no limit to the amount of LIFX Credits you can accrue against your account.
  • Cancelled orders and fraudulent orders using a unique coupon code do not qualify for LIFX Credits. If fraudulent orders are discovered, your account may be terminated and/or any LIFX Credit issued to you will be cancelled.

2. Spending LIFX Credits:

  • LIFX Credits may only be spent on purchases of LIFX Original Bulbs.
  • LIFX Credits may not be used on purchases of LIFX White 800.
  • LIFX Credits cannot be used to pay for shipping charges or other fees. 
  • LIFX Credits cannot be used in conjunction with other coupon codes or discounts available.
  • LIFX reserves the right to alter the products that may be purchased with LIFX Credits based on stock availability.

3. Period

  • The LIFX Rewards period will commence July 1st 2015 and run until Sept 30th 2015 (92 days).
  • Participants in the LIFX Rewards Program will be notified by email of our intention to extend the period. 

4. Prohibitions

  • LIFX reserves the right to cancel your LIFX Credits if it determines in its sole discretion that you have violated these terms through fraudulent or misleading referral activity (for example, by creating fraudulent orders or cancelling orders) or if we terminate your account for any reason. You may also be liable for civil and/or criminal penalties under applicable law.

For any disputes, LIFX reserves the right to make the final decision.

Dated: June 24th 2015