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LIFX, LIFX GU10, LIFX Downlight and LIFX + are Apple HomeKit enabled. 

Control LIFX lights with Siri using your voice, or the Apple Home app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch.

Organize your accessories by room, manage multiple accessories at the same time, control your home with Siri, and more.  

“Hey Siri, turn my lights on.”

“Hey Siri, turn all the lights on”

“Hey Siri, did I leave my living room lights on?”

“Hey Siri, set to movie scene”

“Hey Siri, turn bedside light off”

“Hey Siri, set the lights to 50% brightness”

“Hey Siri, make my lights pink”

Use HomeKit with LIFX and your Apple TV, iPad,
Apple Watch and iPhone.

Already own one of these lights?

Just follow these steps to enable HomeKit.

1. Open the latest 3.8.1 or newer LIFX app. Available free on the App Store.

2. Follow the in-app prompts to upgrade your lights to the HomeKit-enabled firmware.

3. Save or print your HomeKit Code, you'll need this to complete the next step.

4. Pair with HomeKit automatically in the LIFX app, or any time later with the Home app.