We’ve been blown away with the response to our #fightboring competition so far and after much debate Aaron, Carla and Lucy from our team have decided to select one of their favorite entries. 


The Seductive, by @bensproducts 

Aaron: When I saw Ben’s photo for the first time I was entranced! For me there is something so pleasing about the color combinations he has gone with! The yellows, pinks & blue’s just seem to live in such great harmony and I have no doubt that they make a great atmosphere in that room!

One of the things I love so much about this image is how easy it must have been to use LIFX lights! In fact I know that you or I could replicate that style so easily in our own homes! A warm yellow light in a nice lampshade with a second pink light and some blue strip lighting around the edges of the room using LIFX Z! To top it all off Ben has really interestingly cropped his photo to give us a glimpse of how he fights boring!



The Dancer, by @jamesantro

Carla: This was one of the first entries on Instagram! I remember I had just gotten home from work and when I saw it, it gave me such a good afterwork vibe! I had to look up for the White Stripes on my Spotify afterwards to finish up listening to this 90s classic.

There are really cool third party Music Visualizers that capture the music that's being played by using the microphone on your device and pulses the light in sync with your music, how cool is that? It’s a great feature to host the best house party in town, imagine the face of your friends when they realize what happens with your lights as soon as the music starts to sound! Highlighting this feature with that awesome Death Star lamp was definitely a good choice, James!



The Abstract, by @kayredding

Lucy: An everyday -and in fact very boring- object transformed into a piece of art with light! It's like the perfect sum up of what we intended with the #fightboring campaign. I wonder what'd happen if you put this piece in the MoMa. More than one or two people would probably at least feel confused at some level. 


The Creative, by @jensmichaelbluemel 

We also love how Jen has managed to play with his white type hanging on the wall and LIFX lights! It creates a very cool lively effect. Well done!   


Competition ends 14 of June! For your chance to win simply upload a picture of something you've transformed with light or color in your space to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, hashtag #fightboring and tag @lifx - then you're in the running!

More info on the fightboring competition page.


Carla Manso Garcia