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The Oscars are upon us... So, it got us thinking how would the stories of the best picture nominations change if the main character was replaced by one of our own.


The Filament

The story of one light bulb and how he survived the odds in an LED world.

No Bridge of Wires

Presenting No Brige of Wires an iconic masterpeice modeled on Bridge of Spies.


Held captive in the same socket for years, one bulb finally experinces in the world when moved to a different lamp.


The story of a young girl who has to choose between an LED and incandescent bulb.


Changing spotlight the movie was a tough call as we are an amazing light but Lumens felt more appropriate for us given our brightness.

The Illumination

A lightbulb left behind on a uninhabited planet stays bright for over 20 years.

LIFX Smart Road

Mad Max Fury Road becomes LIFX smart road

Stacie Newbiggin