Schedules have proven to be one of your favorite ways to use LIFX lights. So, our team of dedicated and clever developers thought, ‘what can we do to improve them?’ To make schedules more useful than ever before we’ve introduced a way for you to align your lights with the sunrise and sunset.

Now, with LIFX schedules, you can create automation for your lights based on the sun’s location specific to your home whether it be San Francisco, California or Melbourne, Australia. Wake up more naturally, by slowly fading your lights on and wind down automatically with softer light, all tailored to your local time. Built-in options to adjust up to 3 hours before or after the sunrise or sunset, make this feature perfect for early, and late risers.

iOS users can also now also create recurring schedules to change power, brightness and color independently. No need to make a scene, we’ve done all the work for you.

Haven’t seen these features yet? Make sure you update to the latest version of our app.


iPhone 6S & 6S+ exclusive. 3D touch control.

Are you up to date with the latest Apple has to offer with an iPhone 6S or 6S+? We’ve taken advantage of Apple's 3D touch technology and created some exclusive ways to control your LIFX Lights. Just firmly press the LIFX app icon on your home screen and you’ll be given the option to toggle your lights on and off, without having to open the app.

Alex Dao