Hands free control of your LIFX lights? Yes please! We’ve been busy working to bring you this latest skill with Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo is designed around your voice. It can hear you from across the house or even when it’s playing your favorite song. It’s also always on, meaning it doesn’t miss a thing. Echo connects to Alexa, a cloud-based service that provides information, answers questions, plays music, reads the news and controls your LIFX Lights. 

So how does this work with your lights? To get started enable the LIFX skill and then simply say “Alexa, ask LIFX what can I do with my lights?”. Alexa will then quickly connect to your LIFX account.

Once connected you’re ready for voice control. Get to know these few simple statements and you will be able to turn your lights on and off, adjust brightness and change color. Some phrases to try include:

“Alexa, tell LIFX to turn on the Kitchen lights.”

“Alexa, tell LIFX to change the Living Room lights to red.”

“Alexa, tell LIFX to set the brightness to 10% in the hallway.”

When connecting your LIFX lights to the Amazon Echo you add another dimension to the way you control your lighting. Enjoy the ease of being able to control your lights with simply your voice. Simply activate the LIFX Skill in the Alexa app to connect, and then start having fun.

To get started, you’ll need LIFX lights and an Amazon Echo.


John Cameron