Follow-on investment announcement – LIFX

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Follow-on investment announcement

As part of the recent Series A investment round with Sequoia Capital, we have also closed a follow-on round that includes important partners and angels. These investors will help LIFX deliver on it’s extraordinary potential.

We’re delighted to welcome Qualcomm Ventures, Collaborative Fund, Max Levchin, SV Angel, Blackbird Ventures, Elad Gil, Naval Ravikant, Jeff Schox, Raymond Tonsing, Cotter Cunningham, Eric Wu, David King, and WS Investments LLC who have all joined the LIFX family. We look forward to leveraging their experience and insights to help LIFX build world-class IoT products.

Along with Sequoia Capital, our follow-on partners see a clear vision for LIFX becoming a leader in the now booming IoT space. We’re super thankful to them all!


Thoughts from some of our follow-on investors:

Eric Scott (HVF) – “The ability to control the light in your environment – from anywhere – is not something you think about until you spend a couple days living with LIFX. It’s just how things should be and hard to imagine going back.”

Rick Baker (Blackbird VC) – “We’re very pleased to be backing the LIFX team as they re-invent something fundamental to our modern way of life.”

Craig Shapiro (Collaborative Fund) – “We are excited to see the technology, standards, and products for internet-connected devices evolve. In LIFX, we saw as a chance to support a team that’s innovating for a form factor that’s ubiquitous (in US homes alone, there are over 4 billion light sockets). By building the bridge between software and hardware, we feel that light bulbs are only just the start.”