Google app voice control

Smart lighting, that answers to you.

Status update - 2 November 2016
"OK Google" is currently offline in the LIFX app. We're working with Google to resolve this. Please stay tuned.

Google app for Android

The Google app gives you an intelligent and hands-free way to control your LIFX lights. From changing color to adjusting brightness, Google understands complex phrases, making it personal to you.

Connects with LIFX

With LIFX there is no router, bridge, or special equipment needed, so connecting with Google is easy. Simply download the LIFX app and enable 'Always on' for Ok Google in your Android device and you are ready to go. 

Fine tune your lighting. With only your voice.

With these commands you can change the brightness, color and toggle your lights on and off from within the LIFX Android app:

“Ok Google, turn on all my lights”

“Ok Google, turn off my lights”

“Ok Google, set my lights to light blue”

“Ok Google, make my lights brighter”

The Google app supports LIFX voice control even when the LIFX app is not open. Make sure 'Always On' is enabled on your Android and just add “on life x” to your voice commands, for example:

“OK Google, make my lights red, on life x”

Get Connected

To enable Android voice control for your LIFX lights, make sure you have the latest Google App setup for Voice, then launch your LIFX app. Now you're ready to go, just say "Ok Google...". Download the LIFX app for Android to get started.

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